• Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
  • Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
  • Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
  • Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
  • Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
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Biomass Boilers

The UK Government has committed that by 2020 15% of all energy consumed will come from renewable sources.

To encourage and drive the uptake of renewable heat systems which include Biomass the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has been introduced. The scheme will be introduced in two phases:

In the first phase, long-term tariff support is available to the non-domestic sector i.e. larger heat users
- industrial, agricultural/rural estates, business and public sector.

1. Introduction/Effective date: July 2011
2. Expected Return on Capital Investment: 12-40%
3. Payments will be made quarterly in arrears.
4. Payments will be available for up to 20 years after the first payment
5. Payments will be index linked (Current rates have been confirmed to rise by 4.8% during
the first year).

All P&H boilers are designed to provide:

  • Top quality performance at an affordable price
  • High efficiency, low emissions & noise levels – minimising your environmental impact
  • Minimum supervision and maintenance – most maintenance can be carried out by the owner
  • Maximum efficiency with Lambda oxygen-controller – making the most of your fuel
  • Ease of installation – lower initial costs
  • Ease of use and flexibility in fuel options – quick and easy changeover (no engineer required)
  • Strong return on investment – R.H.I. scheme will apply to models that exceed 45kW output.


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