• Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
  • Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
  • Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
  • Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
  • Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
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Energy Management is key when it comes to energy effieciency and saving money on your energy bills.

At G.P Electric Ltd we will ensure you have the best deal for your energy . Our aim is to help you meet your energy needs whilst helping you lower your energy consumption. We can help improve working environments, reduce maintenance costs, set environmental standards and add value to the buildings by protecting them against inflation and rising fuel bills.

One such tool in our energy management programme is The PLATINUM® battery ......

which reliably stores solar energy and makes it available around the clock. PLATINUM® thus helps to achieve greater self-sufficiency in private power supplies and relieves the burden on the national grid.
The new around-the-clock capability for using self-generated electricity along with the increase in self consumption make the PLATINUM® battery a technology for the future and for the energy turnaround.

Thanks to the innovative lithium battery technology, the easy operation of the 7" touch display, the interactive feature for optimising own consumption and the emergency power function, the PLATINUM® battery offers maximum user-friendliness and quality. This helps you utilise and organize your self-generated, green energy.

All models in the PLATINUM® battery range (apart from the BASIC model) are shipped with a WebMaster Home unit as standard, giving you access to the world of Diehl
SmartHome. The various upgrade options and the ability to operate the system via your smartphone make it easy for you to optimize the consumption of selfgenerated solar energy.

We can also offer solutions such as The Intelligent Solar Switch

......which monitors the household power; and recognises if the power is being imported or exported. It then automatically switches ON the immersion heater only when enough spare power is being exported. The intelligent switch will also recognise if there is a change in weather conditions and/or other appliances are switched ON around the house, it will then turn off the immersion heater, ensuring the water is only heated using the power generated by your PV system. The unit is fully tested and ready setup, so NO site programming or setting up, simply fit and forget.

At G.P. Electric our approach is to listen, educate, influence, engage and showcase results to the building occupants and make energy awareness a key part of organisational culture.

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Call 01387 263 536 now and reduce your energy consumption.

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