• Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
  • Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
  • Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
  • Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
  • Welcome to G.P. Electric Dumfries
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Create your own electricity and get paid for every kilowatt you supply and use.

This requires an investment of £10k to £15k, depending on roof or land suitability. Average return of £100 a month, tax free and index linked for 25 years.

Solar PV for short, is the technology in which daylight is converted into electrical power. Solar PV takes advantage of energy from the sun to create electricity, that will operate electrical appliances and lighting.

Solar PV Installation

A Solar PV Installation must be fitted by an accredited installer to qualify for UK Feed in Tariffs
Solar PV Installers employed should be fully trained and accredited, and chosen with care.

For the installation of Solar PV panels, a clear, uninterrupted and unshaded section of roof is required, with south or near south orientation. The roof needs to be large enough to accommodate the Solar PV modules, structurally sound and built using materials that are compatible with a fixing system that is readily available.

  • As more and more architects and building professionals gain experience in the integration of Solar PV systems into the built environment, this relatively new technology will begin to blend, almost imperceptibly, into the nation's urban and rural landscapes.
  • Before an investment is made in renewable energy or low carbon energy systems the building owner should make sure the building is as energy efficient as possible, so that the Solar PV energy generated is not wasted

The benefits of Solar PV

  • Lower carbon emissions and therefore better for the environment - A typical home solar PV system could save over a tonne of carbon dioxide per year
  • Reduced energy bills,sunlight is free so once you've paid for the initial installation your electricity costs will be reduced.
  • Future proof against electricity price rises
  • Solar PV is easy to install, reliable, affordable
  • Get paid for the electricity you generate: the government’s Feed-In Tariffs pay you for the electricity you generate, even if you use it.

At G.P. Electric Dumfries, we only install proven, high efficiency, branded solar panels and inverters.

For further information call G.P. Electric today on 01387 263 536
or send us an enquiry form to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Solar PV Systems - G.P. Electric Dumfries
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